A Removable Partial Needs Consistent Daily Care and Cleaning

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The new partial denture designed and fitted at Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics was designed to restore the presence and function of multiple missing teeth. While it was cast from durable materials that are invulnerable to bacterial tooth decay, you will still need to provide your partial with consistent daily care and cleaning. If you fail to maintain your partial, it could shorten its lifespan and perhaps even have an effect on the gum health in that area.

Many people with a removable partial enjoy the use of denture adhesive for an extra-secure hold. Should a little food get stuck in the space between the partial and your gums, you should thoroughly rinse the unit and reapply fresh adhesive.

You should take your partial out each night before performing your evening oral hygiene ritual. The partial will need a thorough rinsing to clear away residual denture adhesive and provide a smooth surface so you can reapply a fresh bead in the morning. You can then brush your partial with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a nonabrasive toothpaste like denture polish. Then, store your partial overnight by soaking it in water and keeping it in a safe place.

You should then follow through with the rest of your daily oral hygiene ritual of brushing and flossing. This is important for maintaining good oral health and a comfortable fit for your partial.

If you have recently had a partial fitted in Riverton, Utah, and you have questions about how to best maintain it, you can always call 801-253-GRIN(4746) to seek further advice from Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics.