How to Go the Extra Mile for Your Smile

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Are you an overachiever? If so, then our Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics team is happy to help you go the extra mile for your smile!

Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting your dentist every six months are all great and important tasks for your smile. However, there are more things you can do to keep your teeth, gums and oral health in tip-top shape, and those things are:

-Brush up at the office: After you’ve eaten your lunch for the day, you can clean your smile by brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. This will remove the food particles from your teeth, which will help you avoid “food-stuck-in-your-smile” moments and will help you have fresh and pristine breath.

-Wear a mouthguard: While you are active, it’s best to wear a mouthguard. Whether you play basketball, soccer, football, or other high-contact sports, it’s important to protect your smile. A mouthguard will cover your teeth and help prevent injury when hard, forceful objects hit them.

-Use a tongue scraper: A tongue scraper can help you wash away the bacteria that reside on your tongue. Using a tongue scraper can help you complete the smile-cleaning job and also freshen your breath.

-Rinse your mouth: Many people forget, but rinsing your mouth with mouthwash can help your smile in many ways. It can further clean your smile, freshen your breath, and strengthen your tooth enamel. So, when you’re done brushing and flossing, try rinsing your mouth with antibacterial or fluoride mouthwash.

If you do these things, you can have a stronger oral health, a protected smile, a clean mouth, and a fresh breath. To learn more about oral hygiene in Riverton, Utah, or if you have questions about the provided tips, please feel free to call our office today at 801-446-6310. Dr. Samuel Richey and our dental team are more than happy to help you!