Individuals Struggling with Chronic Dental Staining Problems Often Find Dental Veneers Attractive

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The teeth in the front of your mouth are presented to the world when you smile. If you occasionally use tobacco products or frequently enjoy dark beverages, you will likely start to experience a gradual buildup of dental stains on your teeth.

As minor dental stains start to saturate the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel, you will likely find them difficult to resolve with the tooth whitening products sold in stores. Rather than risk harming your teeth with overuse, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Samuel Richey.

After assessing the nature and severity of your dental stains he will present you with some treatment options.

Many patients struggling with chronic dental stains will choose to have him install dental veneers onto the surfaces of their teeth. They are made from either dental porcelain or composite resin which appear just like gleaming white tooth enamel and can also provide superior resistance to future dental stains.

When your dental veneers are ready Dr. Samuel Richey will install them at a second appointment. The process involves him lightly etching the face of each tooth before cementing the corresponding veneer in place. Once he is done you will be able to enjoy your white smile for many years to come.

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