Root Canal Therapy: How to Save Your Smile

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Can you guess what the hardest substance is in your body? If you guessed your tooth enamel, you are absolutely right! This mineralized protector of your pearly whites is the strongest tissue in your body, stronger even than your bones, but it is also vulnerable to injury.

Your teeth consist of the outer layer of tooth enamel (a thin, translucent layer) which covers and protects the dentin. It also protects the most vulnerable part of your tooth, the pulp which lies beneath the dentin. This pulp is home to nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. When infected, you may require a root canal to save the tooth.

Dr. Samuel Richey may recommend a root canal for an infected tooth which has the following issues:

  • Deep decay in the tooth.
  • If a tooth has deteriorated after repeated dental procedures.
  • Severe cracking, chipping, or root fracture allowing bacteria to set in.

Indications that you may have an infected tooth include:

  • If you have a hole in a tooth.
  • Tooth pain or a persistent toothache.
  • Swelling gums or swelling in your face or neck.
  • Sensitivity to temperature extremes.

Avoiding treatment for an infected tooth is unwise because it will only continue to deteriorate. Eventually, the untreated tooth pulp can die, supporting bone may be lost, and you can end up losing the tooth. Having root canal therapy can not only relieve you of tooth pain but it can save your tooth!

Our Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics team in Riverton, Utah, is here to help you maintain excellent oral health. If you require a root canal treatment to save a tooth, we can help! Please call 801-446-6310 if you have any concerns about your oral health, or to schedule a visit with our dentist. Dr. Samuel Richey and our team look forward to providing you with a healthy, confident smile!