So You Need a Root Canal

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We’ve heard the ominous stories: root canals are the stuff of nightmares, forced upon us by dentists who desire nothing but to make us miserable. But in fact, root canals are a procedure to rescue teeth from impending disaster! If the inner pulp of the tooth is damaged, in many cases it needs to be removed to prevent your tooth from failing, or even to stave off serious infection.

Tooth decay may necessitate a root canal if the decay from a tooth has removed some of the enamel and caused a cavity. If the cavity is deep enough, it can leave your pulp vulnerable to disease and decay.

Tooth enamel loss can also occur due to oral trauma associated with oral accidents and injuries. It is possible for your tooth to be cracked at a microscopic level, which leaves the root vulnerable to harmful bacteria. This can also be a cause for a root canal.

Multiple dental procedures on a tooth can also leave the tooth subject to tooth failure. Whenever tooth enamel is removed from a tooth, it becomes all the more susceptible to damage. If your previous dental procedures fail or do not adequately protect your pulp from outside interference, an infection can occur–necessitating a root canal.

Talk to your dentist about dental care options. If you have dental anxiety or are uncertain about any part of the procedure, your dentist can reassure you and talk you through the details of the procedure. If your anxiety is debilitating, talk to our team about sedation dentistry options.

If you think you may need a root canal, please call Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics so we can get you in to see Dr. Samuel Richey and our team as soon as possible. Our office is located in Riverton, Utah, and we can be reached at 801-446-6310. We look forward to helping you back to a healthy smile.