Dental Fractures Need to Be Examined and Treated by a Dentist

Tooth enamel can be fractured when sufficient, yet abnormal force is applied to a tooth. This could be the result of a sports injury or an incident that results in a blow to the mouth. At the same time something as simple as grinding your teeth while sleeping, or chewing on pencils and pens could also increase your chances of... read more »

Root Canal Therapy: How to Save Your Smile

Can you guess what the hardest substance is in your body? If you guessed your tooth enamel, you are absolutely right! This mineralized protector of your pearly whites is the strongest tissue in your body, stronger even than your bones, but it is also vulnerable to injury. Your teeth consist of the outer layer of tooth enamel (a thin, translucent... read more »

An Unappealing Tooth in Your Smile Can Be Cosmetically Restored by a Crown

Visible old fillings, discoloration or a chip on one of the teeth in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious in social situations. Many people with an unappealing tooth in their smile will contact Dr. Samuel Richey at Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics in Riverton, Utah, to explore their cosmetic restoration options. One of the most popular methods Dr. Samuel Richey... read more »