Oral Hygiene for Toddlers

It’s very important to care for your toddler’s smile. If you don’t, there is a good chance they can suffer dental cavities and a poor oral health. This can result in tooth pain and the need for one or more dental treatments. It’s best to just take care of their smile in the first place. To help you do so,... read more »

The Connection Between Your Oral Health and Your Overall Health

You may think that oral health issues are just that: oral. You may be unaware of just how much your dental health is related to your overall health, and why proper oral hygiene and dental care are so important. Gum disease can have an impact far beyond loose teeth, since gum disease means that bacteria can enter your body through... read more »

The Proper Care of Your Toothbrush

Dr. Sam Richey of Lighthouse Dental and Orthodontic in Riverton, Utah wants to know if your toothbrush needs a tuneup. Take a good look at the bristles. Are the bristles worn, flattened, or starting to droop? If so, then it is time for a new toothbrush. You and your toothbrush should not be in a long-term relationship. If your toothbrush... read more »

Keeping Your Smile Bright After a Whitening Treatment

At Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics, our dentist Dr. Samuel Richey, is proud to offer whitening treatments to his patients in the Riverton, Utah, area. While the process of teeth whitening is quick and easy, maintaining that gleam in your smile will take a little effort. Remember that there are some foods and drinks that can take the shine off of... read more »

Your Routine Dental Exam and Cleaning Is Critical for Preventing Cavities

There are several important facets that contribute to maintaining good oral health. This includes an effective daily oral hygiene regimen, as well as having a dental exam and cleaning performed each year. Any inconsistencies in these measures can significantly increase your chances of suffering from cavities or gum disease. Every dental exam administered at Dr. Samuel Richey’s dental office in... read more »

Wisdom Teeth Sometimes Need Oral Surgery to Extract them from the Gums

Third molars, often referred to as wisdom teeth, are vestigial holdovers from ancient history and the processes of evolution. While they might have served a purpose for our ancient ancestors, modern day oral hygiene practices, dental care, and natural changes to the human mouth make wisdom teeth little more than a nuisance. Dr. Samuel Richey typically recommends having them removed... read more »

The Key Causes of Halitosis

Bad breath is sometimes the result of a symptom of an underlying illness. Bad breath, often called halitosis, is caused by unpleasant odors coming from your mouth. The smell is often caused by bacterial buildup within your mouth, but can also be the result of something worse. Listed below are a few things you should know about halitosis to help... read more »

How to Go the Extra Mile for Your Smile

Are you an overachiever? If so, then our Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics team is happy to help you go the extra mile for your smile! Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting your dentist every six months are all great and important tasks for your smile. However, there are more things you can do to keep your... read more »

Begin the Holidays with a Brand New Smile

Even though the holiday season is right around the corner, there is still time to get your oral health upgraded to hygiene superstar status. If you have not yet had an oral exam or professional cleaning in six months, our dedicated team of dentists at Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics is here to help. Some of the more popular choices for... read more »