The Process of Treating Dental Infection with Root Canal Treatment

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Unaddressed tooth decay can cause you to suffer tooth problems that can reach as far as the inner tooth, creating persistent tooth pain and even tooth infection deep around the gums. If you don’t seek treatment for the problem, it could grow worse and develop into tooth abscess that puts your oral health at risk.

In many instances, tooth infection requires the performance of root canal treatment so that the tooth can be saved.

The first step to perform this treatment is to provide a thorough oral exam of the infected tooth, including the use of dental X-rays, to determine how severe the infection is and whether an abscess is developing around the gums. Then, we can remove the areas of tooth enamel that are decayed and clean in the tooth chamber to remove the diseased pulp. We then use a rubbery material known as gutta-percha to fill the tooth and help restore the lost structure so that the tooth can become a supportive anchor for a dental crown later one.

Toward the end of the appointment, a detailed dental impression is taken of your smile before we place a temporary dental crown to protect the new abutment. A dental lab uses the impression provided as a custom guide for the permanent dental crown that will be placed over the tooth. When the crown is ready, we can schedule a brief second appointment to remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent restoration over your tooth, completing the treatment.

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