Tips to Tackle Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Baby bottle tooth decay is a serious risk that many young children face. It is called this because most tooth decay in children is linked to baby bottles, due to the prevalence of the liquid from these bottles to pool in a child’s mouth and cause damage. However, it is preventable if you take the necessary steps to ensure the oral health of your child.

As soon as the first tooth appears above a child’s gum line, it is susceptible to decay. Protecting your child’s teeth begins with brushing them every single day at this point. In addition, making sure their mouths stay clean and safe from contamination and harmful products is also important.

If you wish to share utensils or other instruments with your child, never transfer between your mouths until they are cleaned. Doing so can cause contamination and even expose you child to additional bacteria. In addition, any drinks that you prepare for your child’s bottle should be sugar-free. Sugar water, sports drinks, and juice can all do damage to your child’s teeth. Also make sure your child never sleeps with the bottle in their mouth, as this can allow any liquid more time to damage your child’s precious teeth.

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