Try These Tips for Sore Wisdom Teeth

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While there are some home remedies you can use to treat the uneasiness associated with sore wisdom teeth, these things alone are not sufficient to replace professional services from a licensed practitioner. If you try one or more of these treatments, be sure that you also seek out the assistance of your dentist.

One of the home remedies you might deliberate on attempting is the application of clove oil. Wet a cotton ball or Q-tip with no more than a couple of drops of clove oil, and then place it on the tender spot for no more than approximately three minutes; any longer than this can cause burns to the soft tissue patches of your mouth. Unfortunately, this relief will only be impermanent, and once you get rid of the cotton, the area will begin hurting again soon.

You might want to try tea bags. Peppermint tea is made in part with numbing compounds that soothe aching chompers, and black tea contains acids which mitigate bleeding. When your pearly whites seem to be bleeding excessive amounts of blood, you can moisten a tea bag and place it on the bleeding area, biting down to make pressure and help it to form clots. If the bleeding is rapid or constant after using the tea bag, please contact our office asap.

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