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Welcome, and thank you for stopping by! If you’re new to us, we invite you to get to know our team or take a tour of the office by visiting the “about us” section above. You can also learn more about the services we offer by viewing the “services” tab above or take advantage of our “specials and coupons” tab. Would you like to read what others are saying about Lighthouse Dental? Follow the link below to find out! We have been so very blessed to have the patients and team members we have here at Lighthouse Dental. We have received some incredible feedback from our patients after their appointments, and we wanted to say thank you(!!) and share those reviews with the world.

As we approach the upcoming Holiday Season, we have been thinking of ways we can give back to the community and spread some Holiday Cheer. So, we became sponsors for the “Sub for Santa” program to help little ones who wouldn’t otherwise have Christmas this year. We have set up an Angel Tree in our waiting area to help provide Christmas gifts to children in need. Our tree is filled with angel ornaments, each representing a boy or girl in the community, and one or two specific needs or wants he or she has for Christmas.

 Stop in today! (or at least on or before Thursday, December 11th) to choose an angel ornament (or several!) from our tree, and return to our office no later than 1pm on Monday December 15th with the gift(s) specified on your ornament(s). We will ask you to make sure your purchases are new and accurate/appropriate to your angel, and that you not wrap the gifts. We will place your gifts under our tree until we are able to deliver them.

If you don’t have time to make it into our office by the 11th, or would rather take a look at our list online, you can find that list below. HOWEVER

***********************Please make sure if you decide you’d like to participate, that you either call 801-446-6310 or email malloryjchristensen[at]gmail.com with the “Angel Number” you chose, so we can account for it.***********************

We will update this list daily. Also if you’d like more information, have questions about your angel, or need some good ideas for their gifts, please call our office and speak with Lindsey at 801-446-6310.

 Thank you for your time! We love our patients and consider you part of our Lighthouse family, so thank you for your generosity and willingness to serve those in need throughout our community, and make these efforts possible.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

Please do not wrap the gifts, and make sure your purchases are new and accurate/appropriate to your child. Please return them by December 15th by 1pm.

Orn #

Gender – Age

Description On Ornament



Male – 16.3 yrs

Hoodie Size L,  Colors: Green, Grey, or Black


Male – 16.3 yrs

Sneakers Size 13, Fav Color: Green


Male – 16.3 yrs

Tool Kit


Male – 16.3 yrs

Xbox 360 Game


Male – 16.3 yrs

Comic Book(s)


Male – 13.2 yrs

Hoodie Size S Adult, Colors: Blue, Grey, or Black


Male – 13.2 yrs

Hat & Gloves Size S Adult,  Colors: Blue, Grey, or Black


Male – 13.2 yrs

Art Supplies


Male – 13.2 yrs

Gift Card (Loves art)


Male – 13.2 yrs

Drawing Book (Loves art)


Male – 13.2 yrs

Maze Runner Book(s)


Male – 10.6 yrs

Pants Size 14


Male – 10.6 yrs

Hat & Gloves Size L,  Colors: Red, Grey, or Black


Male – 10.6 yrs

Snow Boots Size 7


Male – 10.6 yrs

PSP Game


Male – 10.6 yrs

Nerf Stuff


Male – 10.6 yrs

InkHeart Book(s)



Male – 8.3 yrs

Hat & Gloves Size M,  Colors: Blue, Grey, or Black


Male – 8.3 yrs

Snow Boots Size 3


Male – 8.3 yrs



Male – 8.3 yrs

Nerf Stuff


Male – 8.3 yrs

Magic Treehouse Book(s)


Female – 6.8 yrs

Coat Size M Favorite Color: Purple


Female – 6.8 yrs

Sweatshirt Size M Favorite Color: Purple


Female – 6.8 yrs

Boots Size 3


Female – 6.8 yrs

Legos (Girly-girl, loves color purple)


Female – 6.8 yrs

Princess Stuff


Female – 6.8 yrs

Coloring Books


Family Needs

Stocking Stuffers for Male age 16.3 & Male age 13.2


Family Needs

Stocking Stuffers for Male age 10.6 & Male age 8.3


Family Needs

Stocking Stuffers for Female age 6.8


Family Needs

Christmas Candy for Stockings



Family Needs

Wrapping Paper, Bows, & Tags


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