Healthy teeth are important to your baby’s overall health because they help your baby chew food and form words and sounds when speaking. They also affect the development of your baby’s jaw. To help your baby begin a journey of excellent dental health, Dr. Samuel Richey and our team are happy to provide our expertise. We invite you to visit Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics and speak with our dentist if you have any questions or concerns about caring for baby teeth in Riverton, Utah.

Your child’s dental care should begin as soon as his or her first tooth appears. For the first year, you can use a clean, wet washcloth or gauze to wipe your baby’s teeth and gums. When your baby is a year to 18 months old, you can start using a baby toothbrush and a small dab of fluoride-free toothpaste (this type of toothpaste is safe for your child to swallow). Our dentist and team advise against putting your child to bed with milk or a sugary drink, such as juice, as these can result in tooth decay. If your child requires a night bottle, we recommend water. We also recommend water and milk as the drink of choice at meal and snack times.

We love to see kids a Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics, and welcome you to bring your child to our office by his or her first birthday. Regular checkups will preserve your child’s teeth and allow our dentist to detect any developing issues before they risk your child’s health. Even though primary teeth fall out and are replaced, taking good care of them will ensure healthy gums and proper development and placement of adult teeth. Decay in baby teeth may damage permanent adult teeth developing within the gums. We encourage you to brush your child’s teeth using a soft-bristled, age-appropriate toothbrush. Usually, the intended ages will be indicated on the packaging. You are welcome to contact our office with any questions or concerns about the health of your little one.