Our dentist and team at Lighthouse Dental & Orthodontics recommend that you follow these guidelines after your sinus graft:

– Do not blow your nose.

– Do not smoke or use smokeless tobacco.

– Do not take in liquids through a straw.

– Do not lift or pull on lip to look at sutures (stitches).

– If you must sneeze, do so with your mouth open to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the sinus area.

– Take your medication as directed.

– You may be aware of small granules in your mouth for the next few days. This is not unusual.

Notify the team at our dental office in Riverton, Utah, if:

– You feel granules in your nose.

– Your medications do not relieve your discomfort.

– You have uncontrolled bleeding.

– You have a foul odor, heat/temperature of any other sign of infection.